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October Anticipation

Ah, October. The golden month, before the weather chills in earnest, the harbinger of ski season's arrival.

I remember as a kid, growing up in Franklin, MA, we would go to find the perfect pumpkin at a nursery right by our hometown ski hill, Klein Innsbruck. When we drove by the ski hill and saw the colorful foliage, it always gave me a thrill, knowing that soon, those colors would give way to the white of ski season.

Just seeing the KI crest, even now, reminds me of that youthful excitement. There's something so special about your first hometown ski spot, isn't there? Like a first love, you never quite forget it, even once you've loved more than once.

That is what makes this endeavor so fun and exciting to me. To be able to offer my fellow skiiers a bit of that awesome, nostalgic feeling? That's something truly special. We are hard at work here at Swagski, preparing to offer you new and unique designs that will bring you right back to those days when you were first falling in love with winter's greatest pursuit.

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