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Forecasts are a funny science. They can change minute to minute, with a shift in the wind, or at the discretion of the forecaster themselves. I've been watching the longterm forecasts for the winter and something came to me with relative clarity, it doesn't matter. Of course I am hoping we get dumped on from coast to coast with deep powder runs to be found each run. But I know that even if it's crystalized packed or loose slush I will find myself making my turns regardless and with no less exhilaration, something I can forecast without the help of those fickle weather people.

Most of us started out on small hills, at the bottom of big hills or a bunny hill offset to the side each with the lower quality snow that seems to find itself at the base. Yet we fell in love with the sport all the same. In this vain I look forward to what comes this winter. I will eagerly hunt for deep back country powder in the Rockies the same as I will try to slip out early to catch a couple quick turns under the lights on the crunchy man made a short jump from home. Turns are turns, snow is snow, and it's all around the corner.

Getting ready today for the Ski Expo in Boston this week, my official start of the season and looking forward to those crusty December turns hoping for the forecasts to swing. Hope to see you out there, on the big hills and the small. Remember where you began, and remember why you keep going.

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