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It's here.

The dust has settled after a hectic but successful weekend at the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo. (Fortunately that dust is snow and it's starting to settle on slopes across the country) . Thank you to everyone, both organizers and vendors, at the show for making it an overwhelming success. We got our brand out in force and the reception was incredible, really satisfying to see so many individuals connect in the same way we have to the hills, the designs, the stories and the history.

With that said, while we were showing stories were coming in as constant flurries of what mountain was opening with how many trails each day we were there. Numerous mountains north of us have been aggressively pumping snow out to get solid base layers down in order to open primary trails and lifts. Out west we heard stories of base depths deeper now than they were in January of last season and we're not even at Thanksgiving yet. What does this mean for us? Ski season is here. Get out your sticks, polish your boards and get at it. It's here. 2017/18 ski season is upon us. Are you ready? I am officially distracted every minute of every day. I hope you are too. I will be proudly wearing Cat Rock tee and may even skin up the old slope when the snow allows down here to remind myself of our history.

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